Featured Pattern: Honeycomb Basket Knit Baby Blanket, chunky yarn

Here’s another pattern that I’m rather proud of. It’s a bit more difficult to make, because of the introduction of the basket weave cable (not the illusion of a basket weave like the last blanket) but actual 2 x 2 crossing basket weave cables. Plus it has a lovely accent panel full of the honeycomb stitch in the middle and a textured seed stitch around the parameter. The final size of this beauty is 34″ x 34″.


Again, this is chunky yarn so once you get the hang of of the pattern (which is written to be incredibly easy to follow, especially the knitting newby), it knits up quick. If you want to “WOW” them at the baby shower, this is your project!!

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Cape Cod Stitchery is expanding!

Hello everyone!

I’ve had an Etsy shop for the last couple of years, selling my digital knitting patterns, but Etsy seems to be getting a bit…odd. I’m not saying that they are bad (you can buy some really amazing things there!) but for sellers, they’re getting mighty pushy and bit “big for their britches”, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I’m ready to press forward with expanding the footprint of Cape Cod Stitchery a bit more independent from Etsy. As a result, I’ve opened up a new online store and it can be found here:

Cape Cod Stitchery: download patterns

My Etsy store is still open, if you already have an account there, please feel free to stop by. Here are some examples of patterns that can be downloaded at either location but there are many more to choose from.

Please let me know if you have any questions!