Featured Pattern: Honeycomb Basket Knit Baby Blanket, chunky yarn

Here’s another pattern that I’m rather proud of. It’s a bit more difficult to make, because of the introduction of the basket weave cable (not the illusion of a basket weave like the last blanket) but actual 2 x 2 crossing basket weave cables. Plus it has a lovely accent panel full of the honeycomb stitch in the middle and a textured seed stitch around the parameter. The final size of this beauty is 34″ x 34″.


Again, this is chunky yarn so once you get the hang of of the pattern (which is written to be incredibly easy to follow, especially the knitting newby), it knits up quick. If you want to “WOW” them at the baby shower, this is your project!!

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Pattern profile: chunky yarn basket stitch blanket

I’m going to try something a little bit different. Instead of just plopping out knitting pattern hyperlinks, I thought I’d try explaining a bit about it.

This beauty was made from Lion Brand Hometown USA chunky yarn, which is an amazingly soft and warm (completely washable) yarn to work with.¬† I had seen many similar blanket patterns on the internet (this was about 4 years ago) but none of them looked convincingly ‘woven’ like a basket would look. I also noticed that there weren’t many baby blanket patterns for chunky yarn available.

So, I got out one of my many knitting stitch books, knitted my swatch to get a gauge of the size that I wanted the finished blanket to be, and started knitting. Not only is this a great blanket for the baby carriage on those chilly New England evenings, the yarn is quite sturdy and wonderful for a baby to play on as a floor blanket (fluffy and warm, nicely protects against those little bangs when learning to walk). It’s even large enough to be used¬†into the toddler years! Either way, this is a great blanket to make and would be even better to give away to a special baby!


This blanket is super easy for anyone that can only do knit and purl stitches, because those are the only two stitches used in the entire blanket (no cables or tricky things here!). For a beginner, it’s easy (I wrote the pattern to be EXTREMELY easy to follow) and really builds confidence to move on to a more advanced project.

For an advanced old timer like me, it’s a nice and fast project to do on a weekend in front of the TV. Once you get the pattern down, it knits up very quickly.

The pattern provides everything you need to know for the blanket from what kind of needles to use (circular bamboo are my favorite!) to where to place stitch markers so you don’t make a mistake and have to do the dreaded frogging!!! I hate tearing out my knitting…

If you’d like to purchase this pattern, it can found at my store or at my Etsy store, if you prefer. I can even be found on Ravelry if you frequent it. The great thing about digital patterns is that you have access to it almost immediately after purchase! No waiting, no mailing, no dogs going nuts when the UPS truck rolls up (guess why I know that one, eh?). The best part is that you can download it onto your iPad or any electronic device that you prefer to work from. You can even go old school and print it out. So easy!!!

If you have any questions, please let me know!